Purple Urkle Strain

A Review of the Purple Urkle Strain

Purple Urkle is a classic, going back to the 1980s. This purple-colored strain provides a mellow, all-around high. This industry leader is famous for its medical benefits as well.

The History of Purple Urkle

If you are a child of the 1980s you may remember Steve Quincy Urkle of the show Family Matters. This nerdy character was prone to accidents but extremely funny. Using Purple Urkle makes you prone to being clumsy, that is the way (some say) the name caught on. But, like with a lot of older strains of cannabis, the reason for the name is shrouded in the mists of time even though the name does seem appropriate.

The likely source of this strain is probably either Grand Daddy Purple of Mendicino Purps. It was likely that this strain was developed in the Emerald Triangle of Northern California. It was during the “purple craze” along the California coast. In those days when Grand Daddy Purple and Mendicino Purps were popular.

The THC content of Purple Urkle is anywhere from 17% to 21% and its CBD levels range from 0.20% to 0.30%. This combination is responsible for its long-lasting and rather powerful high. Because it is 80% indica, it is often best for use at night and it provides euphoric feelings as with a sativa.


When You Grow Purple Urkle

Not only does Purple Urkle give you a great high but it is great to grow as well. Your growing room will radiate its purple color and you will enjoy the deep aromatic scent all by itself.

But, Purple Urkle is not a strain for beginners. Better choices are AK-47 or Strawberry Cough. The problem with growing Purple Urkle is that you need to follow a very strict feeding schedule in order to get the best yield. Whether you are growing indoors or out of doors, not following a strict schedule of nutrients will give you less-than-desirable outputs.

purple urkle cannabis leaf

Because Purple Urkle is so sensitive to growing conditions like precisely regulated temperatures, growing this strain out of doors is not a good idea. Every weather change can lead to stopping and restarting its growth. You can get the best warm and sunny climate that does not vary by growing indoors under controlled conditions.

If you really want to grow it outside, or have no choice, be happy with a per-plant yield of nor more than 8 or nine ounces. With diligent care, you can get a substantially better yield indoors. But, you need to pay close attention and provide the plant with the optimal conditions that it enjoys. You can grow this strain using hydroponics but will need to prune frequently or use the canopy method called Screen of Green. The point of either approach is that you encourage the plant to produce colas instead of stronger stems for branch and leaf growth.

With attentive care, you can expect to get as much as 18 ounces of buds for every square meter of plants and flowers. This will take from 8 to 9 weeks.

The Flavor and Aesthetics of Purple Urkle

Yes, you guessed right, Purple Urkle is purple, usually.

The exquisite purple calyxes that we see with the majority of Purple Urkle phenotypes are gorgeous.  Among the forest of green leaves and stems it's very pleasing. But, just like other phenotypes of Acapulco Gold and Grand Daddy Purple, not every plant follows exactly in the color line. So, not all of them are guaranteed to have the same deep purple color. In fact, if you are shopping for Purple Urkle, don’t let it surprise you that many times you are getting less intense color than you expected.

The flavor profile of Purple Urkle follows true to Grand Daddy Purple and other “purple” strains. It is fruity and sweet with occasional grape tones. You will have a sweet and very aromatic smoke. If you want to enjoy cannabis and would rather not be noticed, this may not be the ideal strain for covert use.

My Purple Urkle Experience

I like colorful cannabis. You may choose Purple Urkle because of its wonderful medical benefits, intricate high and overall experience. But, sometimes it is just nice to buy a few pretty buds to show off and enjoy with friends.

I went to a local dispensary looking for something to lighten my mood on a miserable day at the end of a rainy week. My goal was simply to find something to smoke that was pretty as well. I choose Purple Urkle when I was blown away by the vibrant color.

What sealed my decision to make a purchase was when the budtender said how Purple Urkle gives you a mellow and relaxed high. I thought I was making a perfect choice and went ahead with my purchase.

The budtender’s advice was on the money. After a couple of tokes, a grapey haze of delicious mellowness engulfed me. From top to bottom I felt great and then it hit my mouth. I had not known how much the Purple Urkle strain dries out your mouth but I know then. I solved the issue by drinking lots of water. This is something that you will want to keep in mind before using Purple Urkle.

If you have trouble sleeping, you may wish to try Purple Urkle. It has become popular with folks who routinely deal with depression, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. In my case, I became sleepy rather quickly and enjoyed a restful nap. Because I am prone to letting things in life get me all stressed out, I have found that Purple Urkle is great for letting me relax.

Purple Urkle, The Final Decision

Because of the high THC content in Purple Urkle, I need to watch out how much I am using at any one time. This can especially be a problem for folks who suffer from various forms of mental distress and illness. Too much gives you dizziness and headaches if used too quickly. Because I know this, I get the wonderful high of Purple Urkle and not the downsides.

For those who suffer from chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraine, or insomnia, Purple Urkle is great for nighttime relief.

This classic cannabis strain gives you a relaxed and mellow high that helps folks who need to relax, sleep at night, or deal with chronic pain. Beware of the dry eyes and mouth or dizziness that come with using too much too fast. Put Purple Urkle high on your list of classic strains to enjoy.

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