Marijuana Strain Review: Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel, also known as Sour D, is one of the most popular marijuana strains in the world.

A strain with a long history which dates back to the 90s, Sour Diesel has become a favorite among both medical and recreational users for its powerful effects, distinctive aroma, and delicious taste.

While the exact origins of Sour Diesel’s genetics have been lost to the ages, it is believed to have been bred through the combination of Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk plants, or possibly Chemdawg and Northern Lights plants.

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A hybrid of Sativa and Indica, Sour Diesel is heavily Sativa dominant, lending it a stimulating cerebral high well suited to thinking and conversation. It doesn’t completely abandon it’s Indica side, either, giving a subtle yet pleasant body relaxation to round off the effects.

The Sour Diesel Name

If you’ve ever taken a whiff of a few Sour Diesel buds, you’ll quickly understand where the name comes from.

The aroma is distinctly similar to good old diesel gasoline. In a positive way!

Since the exact origins of Sour Diesel’s genetics are unknown, some have speculated that the name comes from an original strain simply called Diesel, of which Sour Diesel was simply one phenotype.

While we don’t know the exact details, one thing is for sure: Sour Diesel has spawned a whole family of derivatives! Now days, all sorts of strains with that distinctive gasoline-y smell have taken on the name Diesel, with some being directly related to our friend Sour D genetically and others simply borrowing the clever nomenclature.

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The Effects of Sour Diesel

This strain is all about the THC. In record cases, Sour Diesel can have as much as 25% THC! However, most Sour Diesel is more likely to sit somewhere in the 16-20% THC range. It does not have a significant CBD content at all, typically less than 1%.

Sour Diesel provides a characteristic Sativa high. It creates an uplift in mood, a mental stimulation suitable for socialization or introspection, and a generally energized feeling. While it does have some Indica in it, it doesn’t produce a strong sedation or a “couch lock” type effect, although it does have a body high component as well.

Many users experience Sour Diesel as a warm and pleasant head rush. It can stimulate a creative mood and get the mind in gear for intriguing conversations and deep thoughts.

It also produces a soothing yet subtle relaxation, calming the senses and helping to alleviate aches and pains, encouraging the entire body to relax and enjoy the spacey cerebral stimulation the strain provides.

This nice combination of mental and physical effects makes Sour Diesel a favorite strain for many medical users. If you’re looking for something that can take the edge off of pain and provide some somatic relief without impairing your thinking too much, Sour Diesel is a great choice. It can ease pain while simultaneously providing you the energy you need to go about your day.

While the mental high of Sour Diesel is cherished by many users, it can be overwhelming for some newcomers — especially those who find smoking as a trigger to anxiety.

The Appearance

Sour Diesel flowers are typically a light yellow-green color, complemented by small red hairs. Typically, Sour Diesel buds aren’t too sticky or shiny on the outside, because the resins and trichomes are mostly hidden on the inside of the flower. While this can give the buds a somewhat dry and even lackluster appearance on the outside when compared to more resinous strains.

However, cutting open a nugget of Sour Diesel will reveal a wealth of dense buds and a delicious dusting of sticky, resinous trichomes packed with potent THC.

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The Taste and Aroma

Sour Diesel’s aroma is where it gets its name. The scent is immediately recognizable as being diesel-esque, just like you’d get from a filling station. Smell it a little more closely and you might notice some earthy overtones and a distinct hint of tasty citrus — hence the “sour” part of Sour Diesel.

The flowers of Sour Diesel are extremely pungent and immediately recognizable. If you’re trying to keep your stash on the down-low, it’s important to seal your Sour Diesel flowers up well in something smell proof.

Fortunately, it doesn’t taste anything like gasoline when smoked. It lets off some notes of citrus and has a sort of “skunky” taste, with a distinctive and powerful flavor. For some, the smoke from Sour Diesel can sometimes be a bit acrid and unpleasant, with some users reporting hints of an ammonia-esque flavor.

Cultivating Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a relatively simple strain to grow. It responds well when grown indoors or outdoors. It tends to grow tall and thin, with large areas between flowering nodes — a highly Sativa appearance.

Sour Diesel can be easily grown from seeds and is available from most major seed banks. It also responds well to cloning, allowing you to propagate plants by taking clippings from older specimens.

When growing outdoors, Sour Diesel responds best to semi-humid conditions with daytime temperatures in the mid to high 70s or low 80s Fahrenheit.

A typical Sour Diesel crop will take about ten weeks to begin flowering. Plants tend to be about four to five feet tall at harvest time, with most of their vertical growth occurring during the flowering stage. The strain offers a reasonably high yield, usually producing around 2-4 ounces per plant.

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Sour Diesel is a must try for anyone looking for an energizing strain. With a distinctive aroma you’ll never forget and an interesting flavor (even if some find it disagreeable,) it’s something no connoisseur would want to miss.

The blend of Sativa head high with the subtle dose of Indica relaxation makes it a great strain for quieting aches and pains and promoting a gentle relaxation which doesn’t impair you too much, making this a great strain for creative work or socializing.

No dispensary would be complete without a good Sour Diesel! Give it a try.

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