Best Indica Strains

Indica cannabis strains are known for their calming and relaxing effects that many marijuana consumers prefer over the effects of Sativa. Whether new to their marijuana journey or seasoned cannabis connoisseurs, consumers often take Indica strains for activities that require very little physical ability or social interaction.


Indica strains are great for taking after work, during the evening or even at night as a method of winding down and even aiding sleep. If you’re looking for a sleepy and sedated feeling that can range from mild to extreme, then Indica is most likely a strain for you. Also, it’s good to remember that Indica strains provide a high for the mind and body but strains provide varying effects on users.


To help you choose a great Indica strain to get in the mood for whatever chilling activity you have in mind, we’ve put together a “best Indica strains” list. With this list, you can see the effects of a strain and how it might have an effect on you prior to smoking or vaping any weed.


Without delaying any further, let’s get into it.



THC: 17%

CBD: 0.2%


This landrace strain is as pure an Indica strain as you’ll get. This heavy Indica strain is named after the place it originated from and the region where the earliest cannabis strains are known to have come from. This strain has a heavy resin production, infamous for its highly sedative qualities and the ability to aid in relaxing after a long day.


The Afghani strain has that sweet floral scent with a punchy aroma that establishes dominance. Expect a pine (most likely from the pinene terpene) and herbal flavor when taking a hit of Afghani.


Expect a relaxed and sleepy high, around mid-level euphoria and mild hunger pangs. Like most cannabis strains, the main side effect of Afghani is cottonmouth.


Blue Cheese

THC: 20%

CBD: 2%


This dairyless wonder strain is an 80% mostly Indica cannabis concoction of sweet and savory goodness. The unique tasting strain is guaranteed to give cannabis enthusiasts delightful bursts of joy on the tastebuds and during their high. With a high THC content, this strain brings users up to a relaxed high, then the CBD level works to bring about steadiness and balance.


Expect a strong fragrance of cheese (hence the name), alongside sweet blueberries and some mild tones of spice. Flavors are: you guessed it – blue cheese.


In the medical cannabis community, this Indica strain is up there as being one of the most effective to combat stress. It’s also been known to be helpful when reducing pain and tackling depression.


Cherry Pie

THC: 13-23%

CBD: 0.04-0.2%


This mostly Indica hybrid strain (80/20) has origins of Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison. This is a popular strain amongst cannabis consumers because of its scent and sour cherry scent that tantalize the tastebuds and ignite the senses. Even though this strain can be a little light on THC levels, it still packs a punch to provide a cerebral high with a relaxing effect.


Expect an above-average euphoric and happy high with an uplifted mood and small bouts of creativity. Unlike many Indica strains, you won’t be in slug-mode, this strain can give you an extra boost of energy that can even be used in social situations. You may also want to whip out the paintbrush or start journaling after taking a few hits of Cherry Pie.


Grand Daddy Purple

THC: 23%

CBD: Low


Known for its distinct purple streaks that run through its fragrant buds, Grand Daddy Purple is an Indica heavy-hitter that’s powerful enough to knock out an ox. Along with the strength of this strain, the purple hue and red hairs that course through the buds add additional elements of beauty.


The origins of Grand Daddy Purple go back to the crossbreeding of Purple Urkle and Big Bud, which are two other very popular Indica strains. The strong mental high of this strain will take your thoughts up to the sky, float them on the clouds and then slowly bring them back down to Earth. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast that’s looking for a deep meditative state with a relaxing high then this is where you’ll find it. Also, insomniacs and people struggling with sleep, Grand Daddy Purple has been known as a sleeping-aid, so it’s best to consume it during the evening or at night to catch a few extra z’s.


Northern Lights

THC: 18%

CBD: 0.10%


Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned cannabis consumer, Northern Lights is an infamous Indica strain that’s a potent relaxant. Indica lovers adore this strain because it makes you feel carefree, happy and puts your mind at peace.


Northern Lights was created by combining Afghani and Thai Sativa, formulating a hybrid ratio of 90% Sativa. Expect sweet citrus scents with a slightly bitter hit. Lemon and skunk flavors are present when you’re taking a hit but the flavors definitely bang with every draw through a joint or vaporizer.


This is a high THC, low CBD strain and you’ll feel the high almost right away. Be prepared for a powerful body high that will make you couchlock, or even go as far as make you melt into your bed for a few hours.


Green Love Potion


THC: 20%

CBD: 1%


If two amazing strains came together and made love to create a beautiful baby, this strain would be it. Green Love Potion is an Indica dominant strain at a ratio of 80/20 and was created by crossbreeding Black Domina and Lavender.


With a high potency of THC, this strain is able to mesmerize and delight users with its sweet minty aroma that’s paired with lavender undertones. Users should expect a cerebral high that’s a straight-up mood enhancer that makes you feel playful, relaxed and joyful. When it’s time to come back down to planet Earth, you’ll experience a body buzz that’s tranquil and chilled out.


Amongst medicinal cannabis users, this strain is known to bust stress and help to free users from the shackles of depression. If you’re experiencing muscular or joint pain, this strain may also help to reduce that, making the day more enjoyable and easier to manage.

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