Best Hybrid Strains

Best Hybrid Strains

The medical and recreational value of marijuana has only recently begun to be appreciated by the general public. More hybrid cannabis strains are being grown at home by seasoned smokers looking for a personalized experience, as well as those that simply want to exercise their botanical skills.

A plethora of strains make up the massive list of marijuana types from which every individual has their own favorite selection. It is possible to find nearly any strain at a dispensary, but the results are much more satisfying when a plant has been grown by the same hand that sets it alight.

Factors such as climate, soil conditions, risk of disease…etc. all change based on the conditions that the grower chooses. There are so many hybrid weed strains available that every grower can find one that they are capable of keeping healthy.

Constant research into the tending and harvesting of weed has made it possible to pre-emptively understand what the strain will need to beat its best. Checking out what types of cannabis are currently being grown by the most reputable growers is a great way to start finding the right strains.

What constitutes the best strain has been (and will always be) debated among circles of marijuana experts, but we've succeeded in compiling a list of the hybrid weed strains that everyone should watch out for in 2020.

The 10 Best Hybrid Marijuana Strains

1. Blue Dream

A well-known type of marijuana that is popular for its flavor and nugs packed with hairs, Blue Dream has a THC percentage of beyond 20%. A favorite for daytime tokers, this is a hybrid strain which can give a powerful high, yet also manages to avoid leaving a sedating feeling. Blue Dream originates from a cross between Super Silver Haze and Blueberry Indica. The combination of these two strains created a tasty and dreamy type of weed that is remarkable for its stems which can grow nearly 7 feet tall.

One of the first things that one notices about this bud is that it has a powerful berry aroma. The scent isn't as dominating as some other hybrid strains, but it does taste excellent when smoked. A good toke of this flower leaves users feeling giddy. Some people have also reported that Blue Dream eliminates nausea better than other hybrid strains. Another benefit is its ability to grow happily indoors or outdoors. Blue Dream is a classic that has only gotten more popular over the years, so there's no chance it wouldn't have made this list.

2. Gorilla Glue

While some strains can be smoked throughout the day for a sustainable high, Gorilla Glue is better enjoyed as a nightcap. The reason for this is that not many other hybrid strains can match the pure THC content of Gorilla Glue. One of the most interesting traits of this hybrid strain is its even mix between indica and sativa. It's difficult to define this pot as energizing or sedating. Whether inside or outside, this is a hybrid strain that will stay strong and form large buds. A bowl of this before bedtime is the recommended way to experience this intoxicating flower.

High levels of THC in the buds leaves little room for other cannabinoids such as CBD. For this reason, those that partake in cannabis for purposes other than getting high should probably look to other hybrid strains. From a health perspective, THC is far from the most most powerful substance that marijuana provides. It is the main molecule that triggers weed's slightly psychedelic effects, but some research has shown that it may have damaging side-effects. Regardless, these facts are merely nitpicking an otherwise impressive hybrid strain. The plants yield hefty buds which can have up to 26% THC.

3. OG Kush

Heavy on the indica side, OG Kush operates on the entire body to deliver a high that stamps out minor pains. Setting up this hybrid strain indoors will yield more weed per plant. It may take a little more care than some other hybrid plants, but it is still one of the most widely grown flowers thanks to its all-around hardiness. The stems of each plant will only reach to short heights, but they will produce tightly packed buds that are extremely effective.

Earthy scents are one of the trademark traits of this hybrid, which it has inherited from its parent strains. Many people can identify Kush and OG strains separately based on their smell, and some can identify OG Kush with its unique mixture of the two. A THC level of 19% means that this is no strain to take lightly. It's a strong plant that can be grown year-round as a reliable source of strong body highs. However, it may attract parasites and mildew if not cared for correctly.

4. White Widow

White Widow has a legendary reputation among enthusiasts as one of the most powerful hybrid strains that can possibly be acquired. However, rapid progress in the potency of other strains has somewhat faded the general reverence for White Widow that people had in the past. Still, it has one of the highest THC contents on the market and is enjoyed for its stimulating high. Many people smoke or vaporize this strain to help boost the mood during parties or other social situations.

Originally from Europe, this strain can be difficult to grow in certain climates. When grown properly it will end up dusted in THC crystals as if a light frost has tinged its buds. Dominant sativa influences ensures that this is a hybrid strain with energizing effects. Even though its roots are in strains that hail from South America and India, White Widow has become a worldwide hit.

5. AK-47

It's important to remember that marijuana strains are grown by people who mostly intend to sell the crop, which means that they never shy from using outlandish names to generate attention to their product. Everyone in the supply chain may be tempted to make entertaining allusions between this hybrid strain and its martial namesake, but it's actually not an especially powerful type of weed. Its THC content holds around 20% and isn't known to blow people off their feet. A good portion of this hybrid's ancestry originates from Afghanistan, which gives it a unique character not found in many other strains.

Despite a lack of raw power, this strain has won numerous awards for its subtle capabilities. It's known that this hybrid strain gives users a long high that rarely causes paranoia. In fact, unlike many strains, this is a flower that reduces anxiety, and can be enjoyed as a relaxing treat without fear of getting too high. It has a sour flavor that quickly shifts to earthy, spicy tones. AK-47 will do better when grown indoors, although it does have a wide range of environments that it thrives in.

6. Sour Diesel

Another strain that isn't amazingly packed with THC, Sour Diesel is good for myriad stress-related issues. Whether indoors or outdoors, this strain holds up in many setups. It is prone to mildew when grown outside, which means that amateur growers will want to stick to indoor plants. In any case, this is a strain that will not show its full potential until pretty late in the flowering process. Buds won't form until at least 10 weeks after being planted.

Sour Diesel is valued for an interesting high that many describe as similar to a psychedelic trip. It's becoming more widely accepted that a high THC content isn't the only factor in causing a good mental experience with weed. While there is still more evidence to discover, marijuana lovers have already pinpointed this hybrid strain as one of the best.

7. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a writer and marijuana activist who continues to leave his mark upon the cannabis community. This hybrid strain is named after him as a testament to the work he has done to bring marijuana into a positive light. Some believe that this hybrid weed strain is an ideal mix of indica and sativa, with 20% of the former and 80% of the latter. It carries up to 20% THC in its buds and may be medicinal in ways that are still being researched. Another good quality of this strain is that it is resistant to diseases that plague many other strains.

Jack Herer is an exotic strain that is built to impress people of any taste. A high from this flower operates on both the body and mind, leaving the user with a completely encompassing high. It both relaxes stress and stimulates thought, which is a feat that improves upon strains that can only do one or the other. It rarely fails when tended to properly, and it has a fairly quick growth process that leaves owners with plenty of buds.

8. Cherry Pie

Here's another strain that does well when grown outdoors or indoors, yields large buds, and produces amazing results. Unlike other strains, Cherry Pie has a couple of unique traits that should be considered in order to get the most out of the plant. Owners will want to pay attention to this strain as it grows; Cherry Pie needs its leaves carefully cut back in order to give the buds room to form. It also has the ability to pollenate itself. Once pollinated, it will no longer form buds with THC, which means that growers should doe their best to prevent this.

Despite a few curves to the growth process, it's not difficult to tend to Cherry Pie until it's ready to harvest. After about 8 weeks of care, this strain will yield dense buds that are worth the effort. Just like its name implies, Cherry Pie is a hybrid strain with an especially sweet and fruity flavor. It's parents are Grandaddy Purple and African Durban Poison, which both had strong flavors. Whether it's smoked or vaporized, Cherry Pie is a hybrid strain that's high is just as pleasant as its taste.

9. Chemdawg

Only a handful of strains can claim to have a greater THC level than Chemdawg, which stands at a whopping 25% THC content. There's no doubt that one or two puffs of this hybrid strain will leave any user completely at the mercy of a powerful high, but (thankfully) the experience is more on the relaxing side thanks to its majority indica influence. There is also a plethora of CBD to be found within Chemdawg's buds, meaning that this is a good candidate for making CBD oil or for those that want medicinal benefits.

There is a mysterious side to this hybrid strain that continues to confound marijuana professionals that hope to create something similar. Nobody is quite sure what the details of Chemdawg's lineage are, but some theorize that it's a mix between sativa from Nepal and Thailand. Best left to the experts, Chemdawg can present a few serious challenges to growers that don't have experience in raising difficult strains. If successfully grown, then Chemdawg is a fast-flowering plant with solid yields.

10. LA Confidential

This is another one of the rare hybrid strains that hit the mark of 25% THC content in its buds. For this reason, it has been selected by many medical marijuana patients as a preferred hybrid strain. It works especially well on chronic pain and inflammation that is known to bother people suffering from serious health issues. It can also survive climates that are too hot for many other strains, which helps add to its hardy nature. Originally from South California, LA Confidential is tailored to work on both mental and physical ailments.

Just because it's healthy doesn't mean that it isn't fun. LA Confidential is known for giving users a feeling of light euphoria that eats away at negative feelings. It's one of the prime examples of what marijuana research has done in recent times. Not only is this hybrid weed strain helpful for people looking for a good time, but it has practical medicinal uses which can boost the quality of life for suffering individuals. Even though it has a few qualities that protect it against environmental factors, LA Confidential is best grown in an indoor garden where it can thrive in its ideal temperature.

How To Decide Which Hybrid Strain Is Best For You

Sometimes the sheer number of hybrid marijuana strains out there can intimidate a novice. Along with the top marijuana strains that are out there in today's market, users should be aware of the unique qualities that even the mediocre strains have to offer.

Everybody knows how to order food at a restaurant, because they know what kind of food they want and what the establishment has to offer. Unfortunately, marijuana shops are not as convenient as more developed industries.

The fact of the matter is that not even scientists are confident in their understanding of certain aspects of marijuana. It's been known for decades that THC is one of the main chemicals that gives marijuana its psychoactive results, but the last few years have shown that there may be much more going on than previously thought.

CBD is another chemical that researchers are realizing has much to do with how the brain interacts with the plant. Now, instead of pushing to breed strains that are as densely packed with THC crystals as possible, many pioneers are looking for strains packed with CBD.

There's an even newer cannabinoid, CBG, which has been garnering attention in recent months. There is some strong evidence that CBG may even be more important than both THC and CBD in sparking some of the benefits of marijuana, such as anti-inflammatory reactions.

In the end, feelings from using weed is hard to capture objectively. One thing that is more obvious between people is the survivability of the cannabis plant. Certain strains are vastly more likely to survive problems to which they are resistant.

Knowing about which strains are right for the situation is hard at first, but can be quickly learned through experience. Hybrid strains are becoming the preferred style of cannabis among new users because it's simple to tell what kind of effect they will have.

What Exactly Is a Hybrid Strain?

Many plants (and animals) exist as a result of cross-breeding. In the same way that horses and dogs have endless variants thanks to generations of selective breeding, hybrid cannabis strains are a result of growers promoting desirable qualities while suppressing undesirable ones.

At this point, there are too many pure and hybrid strains to count; however, comprehending indica and sativa is the first step in becoming proficient with cross-breeding cannabis. Indica, a type of cannabis that hails from India, has a sedating effect; sativa, a widely dispersed cannabis species, is stimulating for the user. These two strains are the standard parents by which current hybrid strains are bred.

Why Indica and Sativa Is Important For Hybrid Strains

A majority of vendors will reference how much indica or sativa constitutes the genetic ancestry of each strain. Newcomers to the industry may not understand what this means, but it can be explained in simple terms. Think of it like any other plant that has been modified by humans past the point of recognition, such as apples and tomatoes.

Cannabis grows wildly in several different climates, but will only produce THC under certain conditions. Hybrid strains have been bred to survive in harsh environments and grow buds even under stress. Some strains are better at overcoming challenges than others, or have specific traits that one grower may find more manageable.

Entrants into the world of marijuana can sometimes be confused by the notion that one high can be different from another. Experienced enthusiasts have no problem identifying strains based on the way that they feel when ingested. So if a grower is unable to work with one type of strain, then they may be able to find a similar one that is nearly as effective.

Hybrid strains are also created with certain effects in mind. Gauging exactly how a psychoactive substance will affect a specific person is difficult, but weed science has reached a point that growers can be pretty sure what their product will do by controlling whether they've been bred from sativa or indica plants.

Someone attempting to get high in the hopes of gaining focus can easily make the mistake of losing their energy by smoking a strain designed to relax the user. Alternatively, someone that wants to lounge all day can have their mood ruined by an upbeat strain that causes anxiety.

Weed used to be less powerful, which is why its medical benefits haven't been fully realized until they were boosted through cross-breeding. Some people were certainly aware of marijuana's medical possibilities, but it's more likely that its medicinal properties are an unintended result of trying to increase recreational effects.

How Can Marijuana Be Medically Helpful?

Thousands of years ago, normal people used cannabis to treat a myriad of ailments. It wasn't until fairly recently that marijuana was deemed unsafe. Even though more people are coming to understand how marijuana can be useful, there are still a few that are slow to accept changing public sentiment.

Cannabis and THC itself have been shown to be effective in treating pain, lack of appetite, epilepsy, and more. As research into marijuana continues, it's certain that there will be more benefits that become apparent to medical professionals.

Choosing The Best Strain

Any one of these marijuana strains will be a fine addition to a growers collection of plants. Some may be easier than others to take care of, but all of them will yield powerful buds that get the job done.

Even if something goes wrong during the growth process and the harvest is a failure, a good grower will learn from their mistakes. Any knowledge regarding these hybrid strains will be useful to someone in the industry, as these are the most cutting-edge strains that are being worked with today.

Add one of the names on this list to your next batch of plants to see why hybrid strains are the future of cannabis!

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